Saving & Caring for Abandoned Animal

The Cantinho de Animais Abandonados de Viseu treats, de-worms and vaccinates hundreds of animals every year.

The original objective to provide shelter for around 150 animals whilst seeking new homes for them, has been wildly exceeded in recent years due to the increasing problem of abandoned animals in Portugal.

There are currently about 700 dogs and cats at the Cantinho awaiting the possibility of a new life. The ultimate goal is to find a suitable new home for every one of them.

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About C.A.A.V.

Helping abandoned animals in Portugal

As of 2011 the Cantinho dos Animais Abandonados de Viseu passed its 18th anniversary. In the time that this 'small corner' of Viseu, Portugal has existed as a sanctuary for sadly abandoned, neglected and often sick animals, the problems it has tried to address have only increased.

In 2010 some 500 animals were successfully re-homed with caring owners. However this number was still considerably exceeded by those awaiting the chance of a happy life with responsible people who might offer a home to one of the many, often older, animals who have been left neglected and abandoned by former uncaring owners... (read more)

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